FADE TO BLACK is an independent motion picture that looks at the lives of four young men who are intent on pursuing destructive life choices. Lacking a more creative outlet for their energies, they seek to confront others and terrorize them. 

Gage, a self-destructive poet, leads them into conflict. Along for the ride is JJ, a joke telling troublemaker who just wants to be a part of the crew, and Pepe, a local runner for crime boss Mr. M., who attempts to keep the crew together as they go on a physiognomic wilding.

Their rampaging takes a turn for the worse when Gage's close friend, Pepe gets drunk and brutally murders a family at a birthday gathering. Jamal, a psychology major attending college, becomes the only surviving member of his immediate family. He seeks to discover who murdered his family, and how to best avenge their death.

Dana, his fiancée, helps him work through his feelings of rage as she tries to enhance their relationship that they have developed. She urges him to seek a pro-active, direct action-non-violent approach to dealing with achieving justice, which is the crux of the film’s solution. But he believes that he must repay those responsible for the murder of his family, in order to resolve his deeper sense of lost and to restore his inner peace of mind.

Jamal by chance encounters JJ, and when an unexpected quarrel ensues, he associates JJ with Pepe through his subconscious memory and believes that both are responsible for the crime, and that JJ is the key to solving the murders.

Subsequently someone murders J.J. Gage, Pepe, and some on the police force suspect Jamal. But Jamal gets some help from one Detective Chase who decides to let Jamal work with him to solve the crime.

Pepe and Gage plot to "get even" with Jamal for JJ's murder. But Jamal has plans of his own.The stage is set for a psychological game of cat and mouse that will only allow one side' approach to come out of the conflict as "the winner."

Who will prevail?


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